202020 Velomobile Challenge – cycling by velomobile through 20 countries in 2020
www.202020.eu  Disruption likely, due to coronavirus!

HPV World Championships (Speed Championships) – Amsterdam, 17th to 19th July 2020
under the auspices of the WHPVA (see below), takes place in a different country each year
www.cyclevision.nl  Postponed by a year until July 2021, due to coronavirus!

European Cyclists’ Federation, ECF – promotion and encouragement of cycling for mobility
the EHPVA is represented by HPV Deutschland, Future Bike (Switzerland) and Propulsione Umana (Italy)

World Human Powered Vehicle Association, WHPVA – competitions and ratification of records
many national clubs which participate in the EHPVA are active members of the WHPVA

International Human Powered Vehicle Association, IHPVA – includes the digital archive of Human Power journal

Laidback Bike Report (recumbents, velomobiles) – monthly webcasts, free to watch live or later

Velomobile Seminars online – free resources about the design and use of velomobiles

Human Powered Vehicle Challenge – regional competitions for engineering students
currently only in the Americas and Asia Pacific

Pedal Prix, Australian HPV Super Series
largest velomobile racing event in the world